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Phineus Media is an independent game development company focused on bringing unique playing experiences to mobile platforms.

Phase Out

One of the best social card games for Android! Based on shanghai rummy, Phase Out features the fun-filled strategic gameplay popularized by other commercial rummy adaptations like Phase 10. Make your way through various stages, satisfying unique requirements for each stage to progress. Be the first player to complete all of their stages to phase out your opponents and become the winner!

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Crates On Deck

Set sail with Crates on Deck, an original puzzle game for Android!

You’re first mate and you need to get all of the treasure chests where they need to go. Sound easy? Well, you’ll also have to deal with the other cargo and boxes, sometimes maneuvering around them, other times using them to your advantage. You’ll have to use every skill at your disposal, including rotating the flow of gravity itself, to get the job done. But watch out: use too many turns and you won’t get to keep as much of that gold for yourself!

Download on the Google Play Store>